The Equalizer // Another Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig’s posted another flash fiction challenge–this time to create a character for someone else to write a story about.  I’m working on a superhero novel series, and this character will appear in book 2 as part of a sidekick/internship program. (She’ll be mentoring the protagonist.) I love the character though, so I figure I should share her! Also I play D&D so this character’s stats are reminiscent of D&D.




Name: Yvonne Mae

Alias: The Equalizer

Other names: The Feminist, The Bitch, You-Know-Who

Strength: 10(+)
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 14

Age: 26
Ht: 5’4″
Wt: 125 lbs “all muscle”
Ethnicity: Korean
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Notable traits: hair color regularly dyed to various colors that occur more in chemical labs and less in nature. Tendency to wear combat boots.

Powers: Irresistible force; Yvonne, when encountering one force (a superhero’s punch, an oncoming train, etc.) generates an equal but opposite field of “Negative Newtons,” thereby negating the velocity of the original force. She is then able to go “toe-to-toe” with some of Earth’s mightiest combatants.

Weaknesses: Yvonne’s “Negative Newtons” can only work on one force at a time; therefor multiple, synchronized attacks should render her powers useless.

Combat Abilities: She owns a bat.

Form of Travel: A Moped named Horace.

Location: Brooklyn, New York.

Known Enemies: the MRAs, a group of terrorists that target women; Richard’s Mom, a Grendel-like ogre that believes her delinquent son Richard is a good boy and doesn’t deserve to be beaten up by the likes of Yvonne. Yvonne has also on more than one occasion attacked The Justice Team tower for “never fucking leaving Manhattan,” though no charges have been pressed.

Known Allies: the Queens of Queens, a powerful, underground superhero mob that “owns” the borough of Queens; Sparkly Unicorn Princess, powers include flight, generating disco orbs, and what she calls “my sweet moves”; her ex-boyfriend Fling, member of the Justice Team.

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