Doodle-Doodle defined

Doodle means to scribble absentmindedly.  Doodle-Doodle is a word-doubling of the word doodle. Word-doubling does not change meaning; however, it does affect the meaning’s severity in the categories of amount, time, and degree.

Therefore: doodle-doodle can mean
1. Amount: to scribble absentmindedly twice.
2. Time: to doodle for a much longer period of time than it would take for an average doodle.
3. Degree: to scribble with a much intense and deeper level of absentmindedness than average.

The problem is, when performing a word-doubling, the speaker usually does not mean to communicate all three categories of severity. For example, doodle-doodle might mean 1, 2, OR 3, but certainly does not mean 1,2 AND 3, because honestly, that would be fucking stupid! This is an inherent problem in the nature of word-doubling.

In the most prestigious and formal of restaurants, a well-suited waiter may ask a patron if they would like cake for dessert. The patron, oftentimes, may answer with, “Yes, my dear waiter, I would like cake-cake.” The waiter would then have to use their judgement on whether the patron wants:

1. Amount: two pieces of cake.
2. Time: one piece of cake with a much extended time period in which to eat that cake.
3. Degree: one piece of a particular cake that is extremely intense and deep in its level of cakeness.

Of course it would be very rude for the waiter to ask the patron something along the lines of:  “well, my dear sir, to which category of meaning do you wish to express when saying, cake-cake.”  This is because it is common for the speaker of the word-doubling to naturally assume that the listener already know the exact category of meaning.  That it is inherent within the context and vocal intonation of the word-doubling.  If the waiter were to dare ask such a question, it would likely met with a response such as:

“My dear waiter.  I do apologize for my ambiguity in speech as I did not realize I was communicating with a giant imbecile, who is incapable of identifying even the most obvious subtleties in the English language.   Now can you please fetch me a human of your ilk who is fluent in common communication practices?

Doodle-doodle is also a pair of words you might repeatedly hum in a sing-song kind of way during a first date when there is an excessively long uncomfortable silence between the two of you and you begin to sweat and imagine that if you don’t find something to say in the next second, your date’s hate toward you will reach an insurmountable level, and because you can’t think of anything interesting to ask or say (because let’s face it, you’re just not that interesting)  you pretend that you are unabashedly okay with the silence, that it is a perfectly normal occurrence, and you begin to sing to yourself to show your date just how immensely comfortable you are in that moment.

“Doodley Doo do do do doodle doodle doo doh doh.”

“What the fuck?  Why are you jazz scatting right now, you loser?”

“I don’t know.”  (Hangs head in shame)

“I can’t believe I agreed to this date in the first place, you don’t even look anything like your pictures!”

“I’m sorry, I gained a little weight in the last few months. I just really enjoy cake-cake.”

Doodle also rhymes with noodle.  Noodles are strips or rings of dough, typically made with egg and usually eaten with a sauce or in a soup. It is said that Asians were the first reported people to invent the noodle. From there, it spread to Italy and then the rest of the world. I am Asian, and thus, in a roundabout, circuitous sort of way, I am responsible for the invention of noodles. Without me and my people, you bastards would be ladling marinara sauce on top of a tumorous misshapen hunk of dough and calling that monstrosity dinner.

Noodles are beloved by everyone. Asians are not so lucky. If only Asians were thinner, curlier, and did a better job of absorbing soup broth into their skin, they would also be beloved by everyone.

Noodle and Doodle are both in the (_)oodle category of words. The (_)oodle category of words are light, fun, silly and beloved by everyone, unlike other categories of words, many of which are pretentious and always trying to prove that they’re better than you!  Another example in the  (_)oodle category is the word Poodle.  Poodles are absurd looking dogs.


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